Our highly acclaimed Share Your Story Program is back and set to begin June 7th! This 8 week "course" will lead your child down the path to authorship!  Aspiring writers ages 6-14 will participate in our step by step program to create their very own book! From "brainstorming"  to "final draft", your child will gain invaluable coaching & insight from real published authors! Weekly Zoom calls with these authors will reinforce the instructional videos and students will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact!  This unique,  exciting, and affordable program is truly a way to ignite a love of writing in your child! Sign up today for or Black History Month inspired line-up of dynamic authors that will be sure to inspire your author-to-be!


Each Monday at 8 am ET during the 8-week “course” your student will receive an email with an instructional video teaching/modeling a step of the writing process.  Your student will also get to hear from a published author and learn how they use this step in their own career. (Approximately10-15 mins)

Each Thursday at 1 pm ET of the same week your student is invited to register for a live zoom call with other storytellers to meet the author of the week. Your student will hear one of their published books read aloud and they will also be taking questions if your student needs advice/support to tackle each step.

(Approximately 30-45 minuntes)

Program Notes

  1. Students can work on the writing process at their own pace.

  2. If students are unable to attend the live Zoom sessions, they may email questions to be asked to the guest author.

  3. Links will be provided for viewing recorded Zoom session.

  4. Scalable for entire classroom and school participation!

  5. Discount price for entire school/classroom participation.

  6. Your registration cost includes a pencil, crayons, writing process resources, and a blank book for publishing the story.


    One lucky participant will have their book illustrated by a professional artist!

*Discounts are available for an entire school/classroom participation

Writing Process Step:           Teaching Email                   Zoom Call

#1: Brainstorming                                             February 1st                                 February 4th

#2: Fiction vs. Nonfiction                              February 8th                                 February 11th

#3. Tell Your Story Aloud                               February 15th                               February 18th

#4. Write, Write, Write                                  February 22nd                              February 25th

#5. Revise for Clarity                                        March 1st                                       March 4th

#6. Edit for Grammar Mistakes                      March 8th                                     March 11th

#7. Illustrate with Details                                  March 15th                                   March 18th

#8. Final Draft                                                    March 22nd                                 March 25th

*Completed books must be submitted by April 16th to be considered for illustration!

The Program

Winter '21 Author Lineup