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Publish a book, change a life.

Leap for Literacy's publishing program is a first-of-it's-kind, author centric program helping kids publish their books for a bright future.

100+ books illustrated

6,000+ books sold

$25,000+ revenue for authors

Our Story Anchor

This is about them and their future.

Leap for Literacy is proud to publish stories of children across the US through our partner program, Share Your Story. We've published almost 100 books for young authors and can't wait for you to hear their stories.

The Leap for Literacy publishing process:

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1. Publish a Book

Your donations help publish new author's books, and keep us on mission as we seek to eradicate childhood literacy.

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2. Empower Their Literacy

Through our unique programs, we're at the forefront of change within young writer's individual lives. Each day provides us new opportunities to use reading and writing as vessels for a new future. 

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3. Change Their Future

A child who can read, write, and has a published book is a child who has a bright future ahead of them. Showing them how to use their learned skills gives them the confidence and inspiration to pursue jobs and careers to change their lives. 

The Cost of Publishing

Each book starts at 

This is our start to finish cost that covers almost everything. From materials, illustration, printing, and all the way to distribution. Each book we publish is the beginning of a bright and promising future for every young author.

*Additional donations can be made to cover the setup and administration costs for Leap for Literacy accrued during the process

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Publishing a young author's book can:

  • Push their financial future in a strong direction

  • Show them the power of entrepreneurship

  • Build confidence in their story and unique voice

  • Empower the new generation of writers and authors

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Our dream for a book fair.

We believe it’s possible first-ever book fair to feature young and child authors exclusively. In order to do that, we need to continue publishing books written by kids in classrooms from around the country. We’ve partnered with Share Your Story to help bring the skills and curriculum to find young authors, and now we want to partner with you to bring their books and our dream to life.

Publishing a book for a young author sets a new course for their future, shows other children the power of reading and writing, and helps us accomplish our goal -

Promoting literacy, kindness, and a love of reading and writing in children to encourage their success in life. 


Our publishing has the right priorities.


Our approach is alwasy author-first. We believe in the next generation of authors and know their careers can start even while they're young


Our costs, compared to a normal publishing house, are lower and more accessible for young authors to see a finished book in their hands. 


We handle the process from start to finish, allowing young authors to see their finished books quicker than they thought possible.

Leap for Literacy

Leap For Literacy is a registered 501(c)(3).

All gifts are tax-deductible.
Email us to request a copy of our most recent 990.

6500 McDonough Drive, Suite A-4

Norcross, GA 30093

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