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Empowering confident readers through acts of kindness

The Read'n Roll is a virtual and physical book program providing books to children. Books are earned with acts of kindness and reading.

Building at home libraries

Improve reading comprehension

Encourages kindness

Our Story Anchor

We want to create well-rounded students in every school.

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Students who are Kind

As students participate in acts of kindness, they experience greater life fulfillment. This creates a chain reaction where yes, students receive new books, but are also inspired to be kind every day.

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Students who are Confident

A literate and writing student is a confident student. Learning barriers and limitations become easier to navigate and for some, removed entirely. This confidence can be a game changer for students, classrooms, and everyone involved.

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Students who are Inspired

We want students to see every possibility for their future in front of them, without limitation. When we instill valuable and necessary life skills into children, the horizon is no longer a limitation but a launchpad.

On the Read'n Roll, kindness is the currency.

The work we're doing is vital for a child's future.

Research shows that increased access to age-appropriate books in the home can greatly impact a student's education by:

Improving reading comprehension

Inspiring imagination

Enhancing writing ability

Expanding understanding of other cultures

Strengthening concentration and memory

Creating stronger decision-making skills

All aboard the Read'n Roll Book Mobile!

The Read’n Roll Book Mobile brings new literary adventures to life by showing up at schools where students have earned free books. Through the Read’n Roll program, students can earn Literacy and Kindness Coins to go towards purchasing new books or treasures from the treasure box. An easy to use online platform allows students, teachers, and parents keep tracks of minutes read and acts of kindness performed to give every student a chance to be a kind and confident reader.

Two ways to keep the Read'n Roll on the map:

Donate Today

Put books in our Read N' Roll bookmobile

​Every $25 = 5 books donated

Give access to books to children who need them most

Give once or monthly


Become a Partner

All elementary schools are eligible

Be on the route for Read'n Roll to visit your school!

Grow acts of kindness and confidence in your school



Every child deserves a bright and promising future.

At Leap for Literacy, we know reading and literacy are some of the greatest avenues for a solid future. Every day, children are continuing to fall behind as literacy rates continue to decrease across our nation. Those who can’t move forward are facing situations at home, school, or amongst their friends that keep them stuck in the mindset of “this is how it’s going to be.”

We started Leap for Literacy because we wanted to be a part of the change needed to create bright futures for children everywhere.


Leap for Literacy

Leap For Literacy is a registered 501(c)(3).

All gifts are tax-deductible.
Email us to request a copy of our most recent 990.

6500 McDonough Drive, Suite A-4

Norcross, GA 30093

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