The Read’n Roll program helps build kind, confident readers.  Through this program, students are gifted their own book of their choosing when they complete the required number of reading minutes and acts of kindness.  Students, teachers, and parents can log these actions on the Read’n Roll Dashboard, which are then converted into Literacy Coins and Kindness Coins. When the student earns enough coins, they can use their coins to purchase a book or a treasure box item once a month, earning up to 12 books and 12 treasure box items each year.


During the school year, the students’ purchases will delivered to the school, which are then to be handed out to the students. During the summer break, purchases will be mailed to their home addresses.


This unique program removes potential financial and transportation barriers that prevent many children from acquiring books while also encouraging prosocial behaviors.  Research shows that increased access to age-appropriate books in the home can greatly impact a student’s education by:


  • improving reading comprehension

  • inspiring imagination

  • enhancing writing ability

  • expanding understanding of other cultures

  • strengthening concentration and memory

  • creating stronger decision-making skills


Kindness also contributes to a well-rounded student. As students partake in intentional acts of kindness, they experience greater life fulfillment, confidence, and a sense of belonging to their peers.  Because kind acts help children feel better about themselves, they are more likely to think creatively and cognitively solve problems.

All elementary schools are eligible to participate in the Read’n Roll program. If your school is interested in becoming a partner school, click the link below for more information!