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These are the kind authors that help us inspire future authors in our Share Your Story Program!

2020 Summer Authors

Ganas Picture.jpg

Jeanna Ganas

Becoming a children’s book author is something Jeanna Ganas has aspired to do since childhood, and thanks to a crazy situation she experienced with her classroom pet hamster, the idea for her first story, Boo, was born. 


As a Mom and educator, Jeanna  finds herself reading children’s books daily whether it be to her own children or to her elementary classroom students. Check out more stories by Jeanna at


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DeCorey Hale.jpg

DeCorey Hale

DeCorey Hale, was born in the city of Sylacauga, Alabama, a small town 30 minutes south of Birmingham. His parents are the late Mr. Donald Hale and Mrs. Delores Hale. He has one sister Dana. After graduating from Sylacauga High School, he attended Alabama State University, majoring in Sales and Marketing.
His first passion has always been writing. In 2014, DeCorey began blogging and freelancing for magazines such as Hip Hop Album Debate, Xkluziv, and London LeBlanc. He grabbed the attention of many readers, eventually becoming a regular writer for the Huffington Post.
In 2015, DeCorey decided to revisit a story he was writing for his daughter, Nylah, that he named Ebenezer the Sneezer.

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Carmen Rubin

When she was a child, she used to say, “I’ll be a teacher or lawyer when I grow up.” However, the  happiest moments in her life were spent traveling to worlds beyond where the young girl was living at that present time. In the back of her mind, she knew that writing could take her wherever she wanted to go.  The “Letters to God” would prove that to be true.  She has journeyed to far-away places: here, there, and everywhere…mostly within herself.  Writing for children gave the now grown woman back her childhood and has put smiles on the faces of many.  She has landed the gig of a lifetime.  That is, to become a nationally recognized children’s book author named Carmen Rubin.    

Carmen is the author of several children’s books and animated children’s programs.  For decades, the Rutgers graduate and former teacher has used her voice to empower youth, promote literacy, and reinforce the importance of keeping music in elementary schools. She has worked diligently to bring diversity and inclusion into education – allowing children to see themselves in one way or the other in her work. The author’s signature stamp is peppermints hidden throughout her stories.  The peppermints are inspired by Carmen’s grandfather, a minister, who created the Peppermint Candy Club.  It is a club where he passed out peppermints and called kid to action to be kind and show love to others.  As she reads across America, Carmen continues to spread her grandfather’s message. When they see peppermints in the books, they are reminded to show love!


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Ty Allan Jackson

Ty is an award-winning children’s book author, literacy advocate, and captivating motivational speaker. In 2011 he founded Big Head Books, LLC, a literacy organization that aims to introduce children to the joys of reading. Ty travels around the country inspiring children and educating adults about the impacts of illiteracy.  A three-time TedX presenter, Ty believes that literacy is the foundation for a successful life and promotes it with humor and enthusiasm. Ty’s work as an author and literacy advocate earned him the Massachusetts inaugural Martin Luther King Jr. Content of Character Award, as well as citations from the Massachusetts Governor, Senator, and the House of Representatives. Ty’s books have been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, The Steve Harvey Show, PBS and countless other media outlets. In 2012, Ty’s books were gifted to former First Lady Michelle Obama by his hometown mayor. He is the co-founder of the Read or Else movement and Danny Dollar Academy.

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Shirley Rilett.jpg

Shirley Rilett

Shirley Rilett is originally from Lima, Peru. As a little girl, Shirley loved animals so much that she would often find strays on the streets, and bring them back home. Afterwards Shirley and her mom would clean, feed and often find new homes for the strays. 

Shirley came to the United States when she was 17 years old and settled with her mom and sister in the city of Stamford, Connecticut. 

In 2002 Shirley graduated from Stamford High School and continued her college education for couple of years.While in school, Shirley held various jobs, one in particular was working with children celebrating birthday parties. This is the first time Shirley noticed how easy it was for her to connect with children and to understand their innocent world. 

In 2004, Shirley left to join the ranks of the U.S. Army where she proudly served until being honorably discharged in 2007. While enlisted Shirley received several awards for her service.

Shirley came back to Stamford where she completed her Bachelor's Degree is General Science with a concentration in Psychology, Human Development and Social Studies from the University of Connecticut. Shirley is a retired Town of Greenwich Police Officer. 

Shirley's inspiration for writing Oso's Tails comes from the sweet, and hungry nature her Rottweiler has and the love she feels for children.​

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Kate T. Parker

Kate T. Parker is a mother, wife, Ironman, professional photographer and New York Times Bestselling author who shoots both personal projects and commercial work for her clients. Her STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY photo series led to collaborations with brands such as Disney, Athleta, Kellogg’s, and NBC. It has also inspired Kate to launch a philanthropic arm of SITNP, partnering with organizations such as Girls on the Run, Girl Up, The Arthur Blank Family Foundation, Disney, Glam4Good, and The Bully Project by investing in childrens’ health and education. Kate is also the author of Strong is the New Pretty: The Guided Journal, The Heart of a Boy and Play Like A Girl.

Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, O Magazine, A Mighty Girl, Vogue, Redbook, NY Magazine, People, Good Morning America, Shape Magazine, Buzzfeed, Self Magazine, DailyWorth, CNN, Vanity Fair Italy, Today Show, PDN, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Garden and Gun, and ESPN W.

Strong is the New Pretty was included in The Best Books of 2017 (Amazon), Books of the Year and Pick of the Day, (A Mighty Girl), Feminist Kids Books for Dismantling the Patriarchy (NY Mag), “Heather’s Picks” Chapters/Indigo (Canada),

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Rezi Uyeh.jpg

Orezime Uyeh

Orezime is a 25-year-old artist born and raised in Georgia. She studied biology in college (Georgia Tech) and graduate school (Georgia State University), and now, she is going to be a medical student in August 2020. She wants to become a doctor and author-illustrator. She self-published her first children's picture book called "Girls For Medicine," which exposes kids to different careers in healthcare!

Kobi Yamada.png

Kobi Yamada

Kobi Yamada serves as the President/CEO of Compendium, Incorporated, an inspiring gift and publishing company.  He is also a multiple New York Times bestselling author including the award-winning picture books:  What Do You Do With An Idea?, What Do You Do With A Problem?, What Do You Do With A Chance?, Maybe and Because I Had A Teacher. The books have sold millions of copies, inspired a dance performance, a symphony performance, a musical theater performance and an upcoming animated film. His titles have been translated into over two dozen languages. 

 Since 1992, Mr. Yamada and his staff have created numerous critically-acclaimed lines of inspirational books, products and programs. Compendium has had the honor of collaborating with some of the most recognized brands and retailers including: Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom, Costco and Barnes & Noble. Compendium’s products are featured in thousands of stores throughout the world.

Mr. Yamada is married to Heidi Wills, has two children and lives in the Edmonds community just outside of Seattle, Washington.

Personal mission statement: 

“One by one, we can be the better world we wish for.”


Winter 2021 Authors

Black History Month Inspired

Makayla Rose Hubbs

MaKayla Rose Hubbs  lives with her mom, dad and little sister in Southern New Jersey.  For as long as she can remember, reading has been a part of her bedtime routine.  MaKayla loves to write almost as much as she loves to read.  However, she has never been a fan of bedtime.  Inspired by her own family and bedtime struggles, MaKayla created the opposite of a bedtime story.  She turned her story into a picture book at the end of the school year, as an appreciation gift for her first grade teacher.  MaKayla questioned if her book could, one day, become a “real book”.  Thanks to those who supported we journey to becoming an author, MaKayla was able to publish her first book, Why Bedtime Sucks! the opposite of a bedtime story.  When MaKayla is not reading or writing, she is baking, watching other kids bake on television, making handmade soap and beauty products or cuddling with her dog, Pepper.

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Anna Nyakana

Anna Nyakana is an Award-Winning and Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Owner of Niyah Zuri Books and Niyah Zuri Studios. Anna was born in Berlin, Germany in 1986 to a Ugandan father and German-Moldavian mother. Her family immigrated to the United States in the early 90’s, settling in Stamford, Connecticut. Anna pursued her writing and musical passions beginning at the age of 6 and spent her teenage years honing her skills of songwriting and live performance until releasing her debut album in 2007. Anna Nyakana proceeded to attain her Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2011 and soon after extended her writing talents into her first literary work, “The Student Survival Guide to Online College.” She was able to guide thousands of students during their journey of attaining higher education through an online platform through this quick guide but yearned to help a different demographic close to her heart: children.

All of her work has built the foundation for her Niyah Zuri movement, heard through Anna's motivational speaking events and engagements as she "breathes life" into the youth, women, and all individuals to inspire them to "live purposefully" on their paths. Leaning on her "Fundamental Truths of Niyah Zuri" Anna Nyakana will stay true to her mission to transform the world! “Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh’s Throne” and “Niyah Zuri and The Mayan Eclipse” are available on, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major bookstores and retailers. Anna Nyakana lives with her children in Connecticut, U.S.A.



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Lariah Alexandria (Yellow).jpeg

Lariah Alexandria

Lariah Alexandria is an actress, model, author, and most recently, creator of! This multi-talented 9-year-old had an opportunity to listen to and meet Bishop T.D. Jakes during his “Soar!” book tour in 2017. Lariah was overjoyed and listened intently during this surprise event coordinated by her mother. She told her mom and aunt that she learned that you’re never too young or too old to follow your dreams! Following this exciting meeting, she was inspired to write her own book called “Lariah’s BIG Dreams!” Lariah wanted to encourage all people, regardless of their age or anything else, to follow their dreams! 
However, during this time, her great-grandfather Idus Sanders, Sr., whom she affectionately called “Granddaddy,” was very ill and unfortunately passed away before she was able to share with him what she was planning to do. Despite this loss, Lariah found the courage to push forward and honor the memory of her Granddaddy by completing the book and dedicating it to both him and Bishop Jakes!
Today, Lariah is a lover of acting and science, taking 5th and 6th grade classes, and has just revealed plans to write another book! Despite the pandemic, Lariah continues to be encouraged, hopeful, and wants everyone to know that it’s still okay to have dreams that you can look forward to and work toward!

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Nicholas's Headshot .jpg

Nicholas Buamah

In less than one decade of life, best-selling Ghanaian-American author and philanthropist Nicholas Buamah​ has already made an indelible mark on this world, serving as a source of motivation and inspiration in his communities on two continents. At the age of 7, Nicholas began the adventure of a lifetime with the release of his first book, ​Kayla And Kyle the Walking Dictionaries: Election Day,​ a children's book written to help kids build their vocabulary. His journey as a new author has landed Nicholas onto the digital pages of renowned outlets such as Ebony, BuzzFeed, News One and more; and into America's living rooms thanks to television appearances and coverage by Whoopi Goldberg on her show, The View and The Steve Harvey Show, to name a few. Along the way, Nicholas was able to have his book cataloged into the Library of Congress. Beyond his goal to inspire individual readers, Nicholas also had two pretty big objectives: to place copies of his book in every elementary school library across the US and to deliver copies to Ghana through his non-profit ​Books Without Borders, Inc. While the former remains a work in progress, Nicholas attained the latter goal in 2019, with the support of Steve Harvey. 

While 2020 interrupted Nicholas' plan to embark on a physical book tour in Ghana, he still made sure to make an impact on the country. He used his nonprofit to help purchase essential supplies for orphanages and a children’s hospital during the pandemic. Even though Nicholas loves writing books, he loves participating in philanthropy work even more. His ultimate goal is to build several libraries and computer labs throughout the continent of Africa.

Nicholas will release three new books this year to add to his growing portfolio. 

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Imani #2.jpeg

Imani Ariana

Hi! My name is Imani Ariana. I am an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur.  

I started writing books when I was 8 years old. My first book Disco Balls of the Universe is a very fun book that teaches kids about the 8 plants in the solar system from a child's perspective. My second book entitled The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower teaches kids about the reproduction and growth of the plant cycle using the example of a sunflower. I recently finished writing my third book and am looking forward to publishing it soon. You may learn more about me and shop my books at

My passion for making reading fun led me to establish a non profit organization and book club named The Love of Literature Inc. The book club is for children ages 5 to 14 years old. The mission of our book club is to help kids discover the fun in literature, expose them to different authors, strengthen their writing skills, build self confidence through group interaction, and more. You may learn more about the Love of Literature Inc at The club meets online once per month and features different authors globally. 

 Follow me on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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Anthony Tucker.jpg

Anthony Tucker

Anthony is an author and public school assistant principal who teaches and writes in the South Bronx. His first book, A Rocky Start, won the 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Award and was a finalist for the 2018 International Book Award. A Rocky Start has also been catalogued in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. His second book, Tied In, also won a 2019  Purple Dragonfly Book Award. Through his work as an educator, as well as former high school basketball and volleyball coach, Tucker encourages students from neglected neighborhoods to pursue their education with passion, commitment, and a higher sense of self-confidence.

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Lyndsay Archer.jpg

Lyndsay Archer

Lyndsay Archer is from Detroit, Michigan and is the author of the children’s book, Fly, Doctor, Fly! She is also founder and president of Roots Strong, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving access to educational and developmental resources for youth both locally and globally. Through Roots Strong, she has worked in disaster relief, community outreach, literacy improvement, and has organized the building of libraries and a computer lab for students in Glengoffe, Jamaica. In 2019, she received her Bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies on the Pre-Medicine track from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has recently graduated with her MBA in Healthcare Administration and will begin her medical school education in the fall of 2021. Her ultimate goal is to serve her community as a physician dedicated to serving underserved and marginalized youth.

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Devin & Erica.png

Devin and Erica Alphin

Devin‘s first children’s books were written in crayon on his parents’ computer paper, stapled together and sold for one dollar to all his family. As he grew up in Georgia, those stories evolved into a collection of poetry and songs. In addition to being the cofounder and co-author of Crown the Kid Books, he has built a career in finance. He lives with his wife Erica, two boys, a boxer pup and a tortoise. He enjoys vinyl records, stand up comedy, Hey Arnold and Taco Tuesdays.

Erica is well known by her family and friends for being a bottomless source of creativity and imagination. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, the cofounder and co-author of Crown the Kid Books has been passionate about expressing herself through the visual and performing arts since she was a little girl. When she’s not working on a new project, you can catch her painting, reading or singing obnoxiously at the top of her lungs. Erica loves trees, Volkswagen campers and peanut butter cookies.

Devin Alphin and Erica Doggett were both creative kids. There are notebooks full of Devin's old stories boxed next to VHS tapes of Erica's childhood ideas. They find inspiration soaking up nature, enjoying music together, and trying to solve the many mysteries of parenthood. They currently reside in Georgia with their two boys, dog, and tortoise.

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Summer 2021 Authors


Rebecca Macsovits

An accomplished business leader and creative professional, Rebecca Wilson Macsovits, is the author of Guion The Lion, a children’s book that celebrates differences and encourages empathy. Throughout her career, Rebecca has led initiatives to help companies engage with clients in rewarding and productive ways, and her creative spirit has led her to extend her talents to the children’s literature space. 
Rebecca is a Colorado mother of three, including her oldest son, Guion, who also happens to have Down syndrome. He inspired her to create the world of Guion the Lion, which shows children – and adults, too – how being curious about others and opening up their minds to different perspectives can lead to new adventures – and fun!
When Rebecca isn’t busy dreaming up new adventures for Guion the Lion, she’s Chief Brand Officer of Kemmons Wilson Companies where she supports corporate and the portfolio companies in their efforts to refine their brands, build awareness, grow sales, and strengthen their employee engagement programs. She also sits on the board of Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group and Central BBQ.
Rebecca earned an MBA in Finance and Operations from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Wake Forest University. 
Committed to improving her community, Rebecca is Chair of the Board for the Denver Zoo, and a member of Constellation – a philanthropic group focused on early childhood education in Colorado – and organizes a team for the Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome.


Jabez and Christopher Jenkins

Jabez and Christopher are kidpreneurs ages 15 and 14. They are the owners and designers of King and Gents Accessories. They design and sew bow ties for boys by boys. They choose, cut, and sew the fabrics. They wrote a book about their kidpreneur journey called Bow Tie Brothers. They also host their monthly Kidpreneur Workshop for Boys to teach them how to start a purpose-driven business. They empower and celebrate up-and-coming kidpreneurs on their official holiday, Kidpreneur Day, and give away business- related tools kids can use, like their Kidpreneur Business Planner and 3-piece suits. They're the host of their own Youtube show, Kidpreneur Check-In, that will also be featured on their Roku channel, Kings and Gents TV. Their show highlights kidpreneur-boys like them. Jabez and Christopher are from Atlanta, Ga.

Rob Holmes Headshot.jpg

Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes is 51 years old, with four children and lives in South Devon in the UK. Rob is a serial entrepreneur and set up and sold two businesses over the last 20 years. His last business produced sleeping products for children, so Rob is in his element now, writing stories for children. Three years ago he came up with the character 'Master Owl', the guru who flew, who teaches wisdom and mindfulness to children (and their parents!). He has self-published two books and is looking for a major publisher now to take his books worldwide. He is about to start a mindfulness tour of local schools, which is Rob's happy place, being in front of the children. He would say he is just a child, in an adults body!  For more information, see

Coy Bowles.JPG

Coy Bowles

A Georgian native born and raised in Thomaston, Coy Bowles is probably best known as a guitarist, keyboardist, singer, and songwriter for the three-time Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band. However, off stage, he is a teacher and parent blazing trails in the world of Early Education. With five highly praised children's books under his belt, Coy recently released a social-emotional learning kit centered around his hit book, Behind the Little Red Door, an unforgettable story of imagination and creativity. His new children's album, Music for Tiny Humans, won a Gold Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation.

This Summer, Coy is unveiling his new children's education and creativity company, Coyco Creative. Standing for "Creativity Yields Creative Output", Coyco will deliver new and original children's books and music, play-based learning, and unique opportunities for both in-person and digital classrooms.

Natasha_Yim web-optimized color.jpeg

Natasha Yim

Natasha Yim is a children’s author, and freelance writer. She has published seven picture books: Otto’s Rainy Day (Charlesbridge Publishing 2000); Cixi, The Dragon Empress (Goosebottom Books, 2011); Sacajawea of the Shoshone (Goosebottom Books, 2012); Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas (Charlesbridge Publishing, 2014); The Rock Maiden (Wisdom Tales Press, 2017), Mulan’s Lunar New Year (Disney Press, 2018), and Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum (Charlesbridge Publishing, 2020). Her new book, as yet untitled, based on the upcoming Pixar film, "Turning Red", will be released by Disney Press in Spring 2022. Natasha’s books have been selected for the Junior Library Guild, and Scholastic Book Club, and has been nominated for the Amelia Bloomer Award and the Illinois Monarch Award. She has also written for the children’s magazines, “Highlights for Children”, “Faces”, “Appleseeds”, and “Muse”. Natasha is currently working on two picture books and two middle grade novels.


Mechal Renee Roe

Mechal Renee Roe is a former Childrenswear Designer. After several years in the Fashion industry, she decided to create "HAPPY HAIR" as both a gift to her younger self and to the many girls who don't initially see how beautiful their "HAPPY HAIR" is. She loves the gift of her hair and seeks to inspire other girls to do the same. She is the middle of three girls and also the illustrator, writer, and photographer for "HAPPY HAIR" book series.

Bria Lee-Robinson.jpeg

Bria Lee-Robinson

On a quest to add diversity to children's literature, St. Louis native Bria Lee-Robinson authored her debut children's book 'The Cupcake-A-Nator,' a STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)themed picture book. In 2019, she graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. She is currently getting her Master's degree in Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis. Bria believes that all children deserve to see themselves in the books that they read. Thus, her writing reflects the dazzling personalities of children while simultaneously imparting noteworthy life lessons.

Victor DePadova (2).jpg

Victor DePadova

I am 12 years old and a sixth grader in Little Falls, New Jersey. I enjoy gardening, baking and video gaming.

I also play the saxophone and am a member of my school's Student Concil. When I grow up, I want to be a professional author. This is my first book and I really enjoyed writing it. I look forward to writing more books in the future. Many thanks to Stan Tucker and Leap For Literacy for giving me the opportuinty to share my story. (2020 Summer Share Your Story Winner)

Fall 2021 Authors 


Lee Nording

Lee Nordling is an Eisner-nominated and award-winning writer, editor, designer, book packager, and creative director. He worked on staff at the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Disney Publishing, DC Comics, Nickelodeon Magazine, and Platinum Studios. His sequential art book, “The Bramble,” won the 2013 Moonbeam Gold Medal for Picture Books (ages 4-8), and “BirdCatDog,” a 2015 Eisner Awards nominee, received the 2015 Moonbeam Spirit Award Gold Medal for “Imagination,” and was chosen by “Kirkus Reviews” as one of the best children’s books of 2014. “SheHeWe,” the third book in his “3-Story Books” series, was a 2016 Eisner Award nominee for Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8). His recent young-reader comics series, “Game For Adventure,” with Scott Roberts and Flavío Silva, was published in 2017 and 2018 by Graphic Universe. Lee is the author of “Your Career In the Comics” and “Comics Creator Prep,” and he lives in Sacramento, California with his wife, Cheri, and numerous pets that earn their kibble by offering inspiration.

Kim Zachman  head shot.jpg

Kim Zachman

Kim Zachman grew up in the very small town of Norris, Tennessee. She was grateful that the town had a library, even if it wasn't open every day. Kim loved to read stories bout people, places, animals, sports, history, and almost anything else, except for astrophysics.

After graduating college, Kim became a freelance writer and has published more than 130 articles and essays in 25 publications. She also became a mom.  While reading books to her two daughters, she discovered that she liked kids' books better than adult books.

Her new passion led to the job with Scholastic Book Fairs as a Field Support Representative. She got to travel to schools around Metro Atlanta and talk about books. It was such a fun job that she sometimes felt guilty for getting paid.

Her writing goal changed from being a freelance writer to becoming a children's author and that dream came true in April 2021 with the publication of There's No Ham in Hamburgers: Facts and Folklore About Our Favorite Foods, A Junior Library Guild Gold Selection.

Kim Lives in Roswell, GA with her husband, her children(when they're not away at college), and their almost perfect dog. You can read more fun food facts at or contact her at

Bio Picture.jpg

Ray Young Jr.

Ray Young, Jr. is a native of Waco, Texas, and someone that has overcome many obstacles in life. He grew up in a single-parent home, his father was incarcerated, he was homeless, associated with street life, etc. These life situations lead him into depression, low self-esteem, and hopelessness, dropping out of school in the 10th grade and landing him in the juvenile justice system twice. Mr. Young lived in the inner-city where he saw no hope or opportunity around him to excel in life. This is just a small snippet of his story. 


Moreover, "Malik and the Magic Bowtie" is his first book. Mr. Young has a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s Degrees and plans to continue his education in a doctorate program; he is the first in his family to graduate from college. Mr. Young is a certified Life Coach and motivational speaker. He is the CEO and Founder of a nonprofit called Young’s Vision Achievement Consulting,  as well as the Owner and Founder of the MYGO brand, which means “My Greatness Overcomes.”  Mr. Young is also the CEO of Klear Envisionation, LLC. Mr. Young has many awards and achievements including the National Service Award through AmeriCorps.


Chelsea "Sarae" Addison

Chelsea Addison, “Sarae”, is a former elementary school teacher and Teach for America St. Louis Alum. She received her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and was elected as the youngest director and Vice President to serve on the School District of University City’s Board of Education. She is a former Board of Director for the nonprofit Ready Readers, servicing early childhood readers in St. Louis. She is now the owner of Addwin Publishing & Media, and the author of Savannah’s Savings Jar. She is currently a PhD candidate studying Education Policy and Equity at Saint Louis University. 
“I believe students should learn to manage money, create budgets, and build habits leading them to become financially secure adults, BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL. Not learning these skills in school results in costly mistakes with lasting consequences.”

Connie_Crawley-by-Aiva-Genys-10FINAL (2).jpg

Connie Crawley

Connie is the author of 9 children's books, including Amazing You!, Say, Say, Oh Playmate, Tilly and Torg's Easy as Pie chapter book series and the award-winning "One million and One" nonfiction series.

Committed to inspiring children through quality literature, Connie partners with Leap for Literacy as a member of their Board of Directors and a featured author.

Connie began her writing career when she was 10 years old. (Think Sound of Music meet Chronicles of Narnia..with an amazing flying little girl thrown in for good measure.) Almost 40 years after that unforgettable first book, Connie launched 3DLight Publications with the popular Amazing YOU! A Celebration of Individuality. Her books have been awarded two eLit awards, a medallion from the Book Reader Appreciation Group, and have been named as NIEA finalist.

A former elementary school teacher, Connie now divides her time between providing consulting services for a leading educational software company and developing books for children. Connie, and her husband, Shaun, live in Peachtree City, Georgia. They have two beautiful daughters and a larger spoiled dog.

Wilson picture.JPG

Wilson Washington III

Wilson James Washington III, a 38-year old father, husband and Veteran of the United States Marine Corps is also the founder and owner of Truck Fitness, LLC; more commonly known as tRUCKFIT.  After serving six honorable years in the United States Marine Corps and later graduating from College, Wilson went on to work in the banking and finance industry, serving as a Licensed Financial Advisor for JPMorgan Chase Private Client. Following a successful career in the banking industry, Wilson went after his passion for health and fitness in October of 2015. Since 2014 Wilson had been heavily involved in fitness as an elite fitness competitor in Obstacle Course Racing. He has consistently placed in the Top 5% in the world from 2014-2018 at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in Canada and London, England. During that time Wilson served as the Regional Fitness Director for Orangetheory Fitness Georgia from 2015-2020. In June of 2020; mid-pandemic, he decided to start his own brand. Wilson has been married for 10+ years to his wife Tammy Washington. They have 4 children, all boys, ranging in age; Kristopher 19, Jackson 18, Carson 10 and Jacob is 4.

Morgan Jennings.JPG

Morgan Jennings

Morgan Jennings currently lives in Ohio where she works as a freelance illustrator. She attended California University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in watercolor. She occupies her time by taking care of her daughter, watching movies, traveling with her family, and finding new ways to be creative. 

Melissa Boyd.png

Dr. Melissa Boyd

Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd is a wife, mother of 3, Clinical Psychologist, and officer in the United States Army. Dr. Boyd has spent much of her clinical career treating service members with behavioral health disorders, to include PTSD.  Prior to the military, Dr. Boyd worked with children in the Philadelphia School District. She is a proud graduate of Hampton University in Virginia where she earned her Bachelors in Psychology. She earned her Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from LaSalle University. She is most thankful for God, her family, and her love for writing. 

Winter 2022 Authors

Black History MonthThemed
Brian Keith Harris.jpeg

Brian Keith Harris

Brian Keith Harris II is an award-winning educator, lecturer, and motivational speaker,  recognized for his work in transforming the landscape for black and brown children through teaching history, poetry, and dance. He is the Founder of Cultivating Young Kings, an organization that provides best practices and training for teachers, school districts, and community leaders who educate and work with black and brown boys in and out of the classroom. He is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Sons of Freedom Dance Institute, an organization that nurtures character, increases social awareness, and builds a spiritual foundation for black and brown boys through classical and contemporary forms of dance and movement.

Brian currently serves as the Director of Outplacement and Graduate Support at Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys, a tuition-free Episcopal school educating boys in underserved communities in Washington, D.C.

Brian is a 2003 graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Journalism. He is a May 2006 graduate of The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology with a Master in Divinity degree with a concentration in Christian Education. Brian is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry degree with a concentration in Public Engagement at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Brian is the author of Freedom's Design: 20 Days of Empowering Black Kings and I Am My History. Both books celebrate the brilliance and creativity of Black children and honor the legacy and resilience of their ancestors.

Headshot 2.jpg

Cedric Threatt

Cedric Threatt is a veteran as well as a highly sought-after author, poet and public speaker. For
the past 15 years, he has traveled throughout the southeastern United States educating and
entertaining audiences of all ages at various conferences and educational facilities, which is why
many people refer to him as Cedric “The Edu-Tainer.” He has written and published 20 books
for young children, teens as well as adults and has been featured on numerous TV and radio
shows, newspapers, magazines and even a short film. He developed a passion for writing and
speaking at an early age after his 7 th grade Literature teacher entered him in a poetry reading
contest. After winning the contest, he continued to read poetry and even started writing his own,
which he eventually turned into books. Cedric has an earnest desire to be an inspiration to
everyone through his writing and speaking talents by helping them realize their potential within,
and by encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Shereen Headshot.jpeg

Shereen Rhaming

Shereen Rahming is the author of the children’s book, Ahni & Her Dancing Secret. She lives in Southern California with her husband, their two children, and their gigantic but adorable dog. Shereen grew up in a small village in the country of Belize with her grandparents. Though she fell in love with books as a child, there weren’t many places to find a big selection of children’s books in her village. So she could only get new books when her mom would send them from the United States or when a mobile library would visit her village once every month. When she grew up and became a mom, Shereen wrote her first children’s book, Ahni & Her Dancing Secret, for her daughter Ahni so that Ahni could learn to believe in herself and also so that she could see a character in a book that looks like her. Shereen is now working on another book for her son, Ian.

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T.L Wynne

T.L Wynne is a self-published author of The Daddy Daughter Series, which is a collection of
children's books that are based on the positive relationship between a father and his young daughter.
As a writer, T.L Wynne’s purpose is to focus on eradicating the negative misconceptions that society
has on young African American fathers and their relationship with their children, by illustrating a father
as a positive role model. With the belief that all children deserve to be represented in the stories that
they read, his stories not only embrace the positivity of fatherhood, but they also express the
importance of culturally diverse literature.
The Daddy Daughter Series consist of three books, Daddy and Me, Daddy's Day at the Park, and
Daddy Daughter Day. Filled with uniquely crafted rhymes and vivacious illustrations, each book
details the anticipation of a vibrant little girl who is excited to spend the day with her dad.
You can find out more information about T.L Wynne on his website at

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Yvette Manns

Yvette Manns is a proud graduate of an HBCU. She earned her degree in Early Childhood Education from Clark Atlanta University. Yvette enjoys her work as an educator, traveling, reading and spending time with her family and friends in Atlanta, Georgia.

Durrell Howell.jpeg

Durrell Howell

Durrell "The Book Guy" Howell at 34, father of three recently self-published his first book R.A.P. Goals: A 365-Day Guide To Success. Now I know you're probably like what is RAP Goals?

Well R.A.P is an acronym that represents my 3 keys to finding success. Responsibility, Accountability, and Progression.

Rap Goals is not just your everyday book only providing information, it is also impactful and engaging. By posing questions to the reader for them to reflect, providing practical advice, inspirational quotes/lyrics, and including daily goals to complete.


Carole Boston Weatherford

Carole Boston Weatherford’s 60-plus books have won a Newbery Honor, NAACP Image Awards, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King and Boston Globe/Horn Book Honors. A poet and biographer, she has been hailed by the Huffington Post as “a master of picture book nonfiction.” Among her recent titles is UNSPEAKABLE: THE TULSA RACE MASSACRE. She is a professor at Fayetteville State University.


Mark Sanders

Mark is a 10-year-old Georgia Native. He is your typical 3rd grader. He loves math, writing, 
science, and spending time with his family. In his pastime, he enjoys playing baseball, basketball, reading, and attending sporting events.  Mark's favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves, he enjoys watching Ronald Acuna Jr. who is his favorite player.  Mark enjoys learning new things, traveling, and experiencing different cultures. Mark prides himself on being an honor roll student. He has dreams of playing Major League Baseball and becoming a sports agent. 

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