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To promote literacy, kindness and a love of reading and writing in children to encourage their success in life.

The number of minutes read by students. When students read 20 minutes a day for a month they will recieve an extra surprise on board the Read 'n Roll


Minutes Read

Students perform one act of kindness a day, for a month. Kindness is the currency, to pay for a book from the Read'n Roll.


Acts of Kindness

We label and hand number every book we donate.


Books Donated

The number of student authors we've inspired to

tell their story!


New Authors


Leap for Literacy is a non-profit youth development organization in greater Atlanta where kids can earn books in exchange for acts of kindness while developing their reading and writing skills so that they grow up to be kind, well read, accomplished adults.

Where we came from.


Our founder was recognized by Ellen!

 Stan The Man stands for kindness!  Our founder learned many hard lessons at a young age with the loss of his father but has been able to turn that tragedy into a passion for helping children.  His father had an ambitious and hard-working spirit that he shared with his son. Stan grew up supported by strong service-minded mentors just like Stan the Man Sr.!   Uncles, teachers, even local community members picked up where his father left off! He now strives to become one of those important community members himself by sharing free books with children and teaching them the importance of connecting with others through kindness!  


This is our outreach program to deliver books to the kids who need them the most!  This program is for Title I Elementary Schools with at least 70% of students receiving free/reduced lunch.   Stan-The-Man will roll up in his sweet Read-N-Roll ™ride ready to pass out new books!

Kindness is the currency with this program!  Students will need to perform at least one act of kindness each day in order to step onto the Read-N-Roll™ and choose a book to keep forever!  Students will record their daily acts of kindness on Kindness Tickets and submit them to their classroom Kindness Box to share with Stan-the-Man and their classroom teachers.  This program promotes positive prosocial behavior but removes the financial barrier that prevents at-risk children from acquiring books.

This is a virtual read aloud from our Founder, Stan-The-Man, or his friends. He or his friends will read aloud with their upbeat, energetic personalities that they are well known for in the community! Students are able to interact with the text through new vocabulary, exposure to new authors, texts, and genres, hearing the fluency of reading and just the simple joy of a new story! Subscribe to our YouTube page to be the first to know when a new story is posted!

The Young Author Series was created to give students a platform so their stories may be heard! Every student that participates in our Share Your Story program has an opportunity for their story to be featured on the show! We believe it's important and inspiring for students to see their peers telling their stories.  Subscribe to our YouTube page to be the first to know when a new story is posted! Would you like to sponsor an episode of our Young Author Series? If so, drop us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

This program is open to all young readers and writers. The goal here is to inspire the next generation of authors! Stan-The-Man will come share his own autobiography Stan and The Man to a group of students.  This will expose them to the idea of sharing their own stories!  They will each receive a blank book of their own to illustrate and narrate with a story that they feel is important to share with the world!  Once completed Stan-The-Man will return to have an Author’s Celebration for each student that completes their book!

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With the goal of inspiring the next generation of authors, we are here to introduce our Summer Edition of the Share Your Story program! This program is open to all students ag 6-14, exposing them to the idea of sharing their own stories!

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One Time Gift

Puts 5 books on the Read'n Roll!



One Time Gift

Puts 10 books on the Read'n Roll!

Write your chapter

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